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Holistic pad drill with kata oyo

This holistic pad drill incorporates striking both from a standing position and on the ground, one of Funakoshi's throws, (ude-wa) and kata applications on the ground from Enpi, Tekki and Heian Godan. Most of the techniques demonstrated are more appropriate for fighting than self defense.

Please note that this is not meant to be an instructional video on judo or jiu jutsu but rather an exploration of ground applications from kata.

Some practical karate practitioners argue that kata was never meant to be applied on the ground. I am not arguing for or against but rather pursuing this for fun and education.

Acknowledgement: A short sequence of this drill was borrowed from one of Iain's drills. (Enpi application to guard).

Happy Holidays!


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Looks like a really fun drill. Thanks for sharing! Happy Advent and Christmas season.


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Thanks, David. All the best!

Iain Abernethy
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Nice drill which is explained and contextualised really well. Thanks for sharing!

All the best,