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Stuart Ashen
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How hard can you hit?

Hi all,

I often think that i could hit someone hard enough premptively to knock them out. Maybe i could, but i am amazed at what the human body can take when charged with adrenalin. The link below is nothing to do with MA and SP, but gives us a certain perspective.


Warning though, it is uncomfortable to watch.


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Hi Stuart,

I think they are clearly insane. They have no regards for their own safety, tradition or not.

The human body is vulnerable on the one side and at the same time able to withstand a physical punishment. It clearly depends what or were you hit. The human body is constructed so that the important parts are very well protected. That is why the scull is arround the brain and the ribcage arround the inner organs.

So when you deliver a blow you can kill a the receiver if all goes wrong for him. But you also risk to make him only more angry with no great effect on his intention to hurt you.

Just a few thoughts.

Regards Holger

Stuart Ashen
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they are indeed mad! I think we sometimes get a little carried away by how good we think we will be should that day ever happen. Geoff Thompson got it right when he said be first and strike hard. But we might also be poking a wasp nest...


Mr P
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Why would anybody want to put themselves in the position of being charged and maulled by a bull? I won't even enter a field with cows in! Never trust anything bigger than you, with more than two legs and can't be reasoned with!

ha ha ha

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In my oppinion it is not about how hard you can hit, but where you are able to hit.

Even if you got the hardest strike, you need to be able to deliver it - and if you are able to deliver it - you'd better have an understanding of the human anatomy and structure so you can deliver you impact force to the weakest possible part option wise.

Just my 5-c

Stuart Ashen
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Hi guys,

i get the accuracy and power thing. I know where i should hit. I am simply amazed sometimes at how much impact a guy can take. For me the point of the link is to guard against complacency and not assume we can ko someone because we think we know what we are doing. The problem for many of us (well me anyway) will be to totally commit to that first strike when your mind is screaming that its not really happening. 

Win the mental aspects, be able to 'go' when you need to, but dont assume your finely tuned premptive strike will do it every time.


Alain Tang Choon
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there is a huge difference not only in the place you take a hit or how hard it is but whether you expect it as my boxing coach told me, you can train to take any hit, that you can see coming 

something like that anyway, i personally have always trained with people bigger than me and have focused for years on touchness and power generation (probably should have trained ...speed ah well) and i can for my size at last take a lot of punishment, the one thing that has been remarked in every style and school i train at is my ability to get hit (lol not sure that is a good thing) but i tell you its true, you can grit your teeth and bare the world of pain but that hit you dont expect will take the wind out of you everytime.