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Interesting Story

I just ran across this in the news today.  Thought I'd share it here.  A man chased a woman into a karate studio.  She told the instructor he was trying to kidnap her.  It's unclear what the instructor did to him, but whatever it was, it sounds like it was effective:


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The skeptic in me thinks this is an excellent way to promote a club and its chief instructor.

If it is genuine though, I award top place to the young lady in the story. She did absolutely the right thing. Keep it simple, if life was so simple as to have clear danger and clear safety, with a straight line between the two points, we should always move along that line in the direction of safety. Of course life is never that simple, but when in danger, if we can run to a place where there is likely to be help, good. I think it's almost irrelevant that in the case it was a karate studio. It could equally have been a shop or a pub or even a stranger's house. The point is she ran to where there were people who may be able to defend her, or may stall her assailant while summoning further assistance, or even just deter the assailant.

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Well, it's certainly possible that the story isn't true . . . small town news can definitely be unreliable.  BUT in this case I believe they received statements from the police essentially confirming what had happened.  The police released the criminal's name, explained that he had prior offenses, etc.

I'm sure it was absolutely terrifying for everyone involved, but now that the dust has settled, I can't help but laugh at how funny it is.  I guess it just goes to show that you never know when things are going to kick off like that.  

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Also, from a legal perspective, the fact the threat did try to assault police officers makes it clear he was violent. Although of course we know nothing more about the actual legal repercussions... I'm sure it could not be fun for the instructor.