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Interesting video (from Facebook)

Ok, so I found this courtesy of someone I follow on Twitter, thought it could raise some decent discussion on here (apologies if it has already been posted).


Apparently how they ended up on the ground in the first place is that the woman applying the choke hold was pushed to the ground by the other person, the problem is, the hold has been put on for far too long. In the eyes of the law (even in the UK where our self defence laws are far more "victim focused" than other parts of the world), this would not be seen as self defence in my opinion.

Iain Abernethy
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Where to begin! Why did everyone watching not help? Why shout “tap out” instead of helping the woman. What is wrong with the world when everyone films and takes photos and no one helps?

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Totally agree, it seems the onlooking crowd thought they were watching some real life version of MMA. Unfortunately it happens too often now (even in UK), people too eager to get out their smartphone and forget to do the decent thing, ie help!

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Here is another one.  


MMA and BJJ fans and practionars see it a little differently. In my opinion they see it as look how good and effective grappling is and why you should always go for that option.

A comment on FB which is how I came across this was.  "if you read the article you'll also see he kept hitting her, hard, once she applied the choke hold. She held onto it anyway which is the right thing to do. No amount of punching or striking is effective against a properly applied choke. I'll glad let someone punch me a few times, they won't have much power as they fall asleep!"

Just thought I would share.