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Intergrating Self Proteciton into a Traditional Syllabus

I could, as I am sure we all could, post a 100 links showing people getting attached because they where switched off/un aware.

Increasingly I am more and more convinced that things like Threat & Awareness Evaluation, Target Hardening, The Fence & Verbal De-escalation need to be incorporated in a syllabus.

My problem is how to go about this, short of telling students they need to read Dead or Alive by Geoff Thompson, and then finding someway of testing them to see if they have understood it. (which admittedly may not be the worst idea).

So I am wondering if anyone has successfully managed to integrate these things into their syllabus, and therefore might be able to offer some ideas as how best to go about it?

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Hello Paul_D,

I'm going through the same process. I'm finding little steps are the best progression. I pick one area for example multiple opponents, come up with a drill or practice scenario (theory), experiment it with a small group (practical), feed the results back in & modify the drill, expand it to a wider group, feed the results back in etc. A progressive & incremental approach. I leave a period of weeks between each try out. One some aspects I've tried the big bang approach and failed but lesson learned. I find the best small group to experiment with are the people closest to you,  who are willing and have no inhibitions about giving honest positive or negative feedback. 

In this way you minimise the impact on the overall club and people continue to enjoy their training without the natural human reactions (stress or anxiety) to change.



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Appreciated, thanks.  Sounds very sensible, wil lhave a think on it :-)