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Interview with Jim Corn 9th Dan RyuKyu Kempo

I hope you will enjoy - and i am not breaking any forum rules. I used SO many hours on this, for the setup so i hope you will like it - the complete article with photos and integrated media you will find on my homepage

Here is a short teaser:

“I am proud to present my interview with Grandmaster James “Jim” E. Corn 9th Dan RyuKyu Kempo


Kyusho Interview SeriesVol. 5 - Preview

(To read the full interview click here)


Q) Were there any Bunkai Explenations back then?“No, all we did was 2 hour calss

45-50 min callistenics, kata as floor exercise and sparring – full sparring. Just a fight.                            

Then I met a man who was called Dillman, I was 33.

“Yes I never met Oyata. I met Dillman after he and Oyata had split. And he (Dillman)

 gave me the explanation that kata was blueprints to striking pressure points. I also

 trained with Wally Jay and Remy Presas…”                                                                                      


“This is why we do kata – it was like an epiphany!”

“I believed it! I mean he demonstrated it. I believed it. I was from the first instance I

whole heartedly accepted it – there was no proof to me that It was just for showing.

 I thought this is what it is all about. This is why we do kata – it was like an epiphany!”

Q) Your wife did?! Your wife knocked you out?“Dillman and my wife where the

 only two people who ever knocked me out”…”My memory is looking up at Dillman      Jim Corns Patch

 and that was what convinced me, that surprise is one of the biggest factors of Kyusho Jitsu. “That was what it was designed for.”

View the accompanying Kyusho Knockout video here:


Q) Do you have anything to sum up?“No other than the fact, that I will be 60 years old this year and *READ MORE GO TO THE FULL INTERVIEW CLICK HERE*

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I have no idea how many here has been interested in these kinds of interviews - i have made a serie with 5-6 interviews and more coming!

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you let people hit you like that.........................oh dear.

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Thanks Kyoshi for sharing, please keep it coming..

However i must confess a slight unease with the knockout stuff...

There was nothing clever about the first, it was just a strike to your jaw (with a secondary slap immediately after on the opposite side of your head), when you weren't expecting it... Ouch. Clearly it was a demonstration he has done a number of times before as his associate was waiting behind to catch you...

I think I agree with shoshinkanuk, not sure I would be very happy if Jim Corn had done that to me... unless he was willing to reciprocate?

Jonny Figgis
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Not a good idea to let someone do this to you voluntarily. Striking to area on the neck, near or on arteries can cause problems with those arteries in later life even leading to stroke. Martial arts training is suppose to enhance ones life/health and not deteriorate it. I wouldn't allow someone to do this, not a chance.