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Iain Abernethy
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Itosus Legacy - The Pinan & Naihanchi Katas Revealed

It’s no secret them I’m somewhat of a bunkai enthusiast! I’m constantly researching to further my understanding of my beloved kata and how the information they contain can be used in actual conflict. The great news is that with every passing year more and more martial artists are taking another look at their kata while others are sharing their knowledge and insights. It’s therefore really exciting for me when I get to read a book that I instantly know will be hugely significant and influential! Dan Anderson’s latest book is one that all pragmatically minded karateka will want to draw inspiration from.

Dan Anderson 9th dan is a world renowned martial artist that I’ve had the pleasure of training under on his visits to the UK. I’ve also had the pleasure of having Dan stay at my home. I therefore know first hand that Dan’s humour, superb teaching skills and in-depth knowledge are second to none. It’s therefore no surprise that I was very excited to receive his latest book, “Itosu’s Legacy: The Mysteries of the Pinan and Naihanchi Katas Revealed”. It did not disappoint!

If you are a fan of realistic kata application you are going to love this book! As with all Dan’s work, the accessible no-nonsense writing and clear photographs communicate the information with ease. The applications are a million miles away from the static, highly–choreographed, exaggerated distance stuff that so often passes for “bunkai”. The “aliveness” of Dan’s take on these kata leaps from the pages and I would direct anyone who mistakenly believes that kata can’t be used in a live fight to this book. Seriously, it’s great! All pragmatically minded kata enthusiasts need a copy of this book!

Iain Abernethy, 6th Dan

Itosu's Legacy - The Pinan & Naihanchi Katas Revealed

Kata practice has been an integral part of karate training since time immemorial. The meaning of the movements of the katas, however, has been a mystery of practitioners the world over. In this volume, Prof. Dan Anderson reveals the meanings behind the motions of the five Pinan and Naihanchi katas. This book contains a template for the reader to dissect any kata within any martial arts system and is an excellent resource for every student of the martial arts from beginner to advanced practitioner.

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Dan Anderson
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Thanks, Iain.  I'm glad you like the book.  For all of you who are following this thread of who have already bought the book, I wanted to let you know that I am about two weeks away from completing the companion two-DVD set for this book.  I'll let you know when it is completed.

All for now.

Yours, Dan Anderson