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Jamie Clubb's Vagabond Warriors Martial Arts Cross-Training Workshops

Jamie Clubb's Vagabond Warriors Martial Arts Cross-Training Workshops
25th August 2019
Open to all styles and abilities!

Jamie Clubb's Vagabond Warriors workshops are regular intensive training sessions that are ideally suited for interested teachers and students who live too far away to book private lessons. These three hour sessions focus on martial arts cross training, focusing on singular disciplines and then applying them directly to self-defence, Mixed Martial Arts or your particular discipline. The groups are kept small and the location is quiet and secluded in the Cotswold countryside, ensuring a great learning experience. Originally intended to be regular classes for Jamie's private clients to get together, these workshops are now open to anyone with similar pragmatic combative training objectives.

Check out the recent promo video for a taste of the CCMA Vagabond Warriors Approach:


Please see details on the workshops here:


To book your place for the next workshop on Sunday 25th August 10:30-1:30 please email jamie@clubbchimera.com

Jamie Clubb Bio: https://clubbchimera.com/jamie-clubb-qualifications/jamie-clubb-biography/

Jamie Clubb Qualifications: https://clubbchimera.com/jamie-clubb-qualifications/

Testimonials: https://clubbchimera.com/jamie-clubb-qualifications/testimonials/

Please email jamie@clubbchimera.com to reserve your space(s). Payment is just £30 to paid in advance either by post, bank transfer or Paypal. Discounts for BCA members. Please quote ‘BCA’ when you email. 
Check out our promotional video below: