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Jion Bunkai in Stuttgart (video)

This is a piece of footage of taken at a seminar in Stuttgart, Germany on the 18th of June 2011. On the day we looked at bunkai for Jion kata and this clip shows an application for the sequence in the Shotokan version involving the age-ukes, two gaku-zukis, and one oi-zuki.

The idea is to keep the initiative and rapidly strike the enemy if they should grab you to prevent you from running to safety. As with all bunkai, it is important to notice that all parts of the movement are used. Every single part of the motion we find in the kata is used to dominate the enemy. Any application that does not make use of the stance, the hands on the hips, the full movement, etc should be rejected. If a movement did not have a purpose then that movement would not be in the kata.

This is the third time I’ve taught in Stuttgart and it was once again a very enjoyable weekend. Always good to catch up with old friends as well as make a few new ones. Thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic participation!

I hope you enjoy this clip and I’ll be sure to bring you as many as I can from my classes and seminars. Thanks to everyone for your support of these videos – It is greatly appreciated.

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PS If you prefer to watch the video on YouTube please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Jion Kata in Stuttgart, Germany