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Jion Kata Bunkai (video)

This video shows a selection of bunkai for the first third of Jion kata. It also shows how the motions can be combined into a Jion flow drill. As is normally the case, the motions further on in the kata are meant to interlink with those that have come before. It’s not possible to explain the entirety of this process of interaction in a short clip like this, but nevertheless it is touched upon.

The video was filmed at a four day residential course in March 2015. It does not cover all of the instruction given for Jion kata so it may be difficult to follow at times. It also needs to be understood that the wider methodology is not covered. Videos such as these cannot adequately capture in-depth instruction and are therefore never intended to be a substitute for such instruction. That said, I hope you find the clip interesting and useful.

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PS You can find the YouTube link HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Jion Bunkai