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Jitte Bunkai (video)

This video looks at the bunkai from Jitte kata. “Jitte” translates as “ten hands” and the video begins by examining what that name may represent. There then follows a demonstration of a two-person drill that is made up of the kata’s bunkai, in the order they appear in the kata. This is just one of many Jitte drills and it is important to also drill the motions individually, in short sequences, in alternate orders, with variations, with varying levels of compliance, and so on. This drill is not meant to mimic an actual fight, or suggest that the kata could be applied in its entirety as shown in a live situation. Instead, it is a two-person drill to sit alongside the solo-form to act as a time efficient form of practise. How such drills fit into the wider training matrix is beyond the scope of this video.

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PS The YouTube link can be found HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Jitte Flow Drill