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Iain Abernethy
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John Johnston Seminar - Bristol - 29th Nov

More details are on the FB event page at:   https://www.facebook.com/events/366704763489662

 Sensei John Johnston's Adaptive Martial Arts is not a style or concept. It is a way for martial artists of all styles to learn what suits them best individually to make themselves effective in self protection.

Scenarios may be taken from real situations or kata/patterns/forms. Principles are worked on with reality and honesty and are generic enough for the individual to gain a deeper understanding of their own art.

Sensei Johnston who has done joint seminars with Iain Abernethy, was described by Geoff Thompson:

“John was and still remains probably the greatest influence to my development in martial arts, taking me through all those vital fundamental lessons, offering me (free) private lessons when he saw my potential; he even brought my suit and belt for me when I didn’t have enough money. He is a great influence and great friend and a powerful presence in British martial arts. Without John I would not in any way be doing what I am doing today and I am very grateful to him for that, and I highly recommend him and his instruction to anyone looking to fast track their martial arts”

Cost is £15