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John Titchen & Leigh Simms 17 September 2017

Karate Instructors and best selling authors John Titchen and Leigh Simms are teaming up to offer a fantastic four hour seminar.   

Open to all grades and all styles!  

17 September 2017  

1200 - 1600 Joseph chamberlain college, 1 Belgrave road, Birmingham B12 9FF  

Session 1  1 hour. A break-down and analysis of the techniques found within Tekki Shodan/Naihanchi Kata and how the same can be applied in the chaos of physical self-protection.   

Session 2 1 hour. An introduction to Heian Sandan oyo dealing with grabs, pushes, haymakers, tackles and headlocks and using strikes, arm and shoulder controls, knees, throws and kicks - all while looking at underpinning principles of good karate and good kata application.  

Session 3 1 hour. A 45 minute Presentation explaining your legal right to defend yourself under the Self-Defence Law of England & Wales. Followed by Q&A.  

Session 4 1 hour. Looking at the flow in the Pinan Flow System. Moving from static drills into fluid dynamic and alive training by taking the Session 2 drills (and maybe more) to the next level in order to test the ability to apply under greater pressure and to train greater adaptability.  

Cost £35.  

Tickets: https://johntitchen.yapsody.com/event/index/49617/john-titchen-leigh-sim...  

Hope to meet some of you there! 

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Box Office open again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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This seminar was originally scheduled for March but Leigh and I couldn't get the venue we wanted. Unfortunately I forgot to reset the booking close date online, so the 'box office' has been shut for several months. It's our first joint seminar and we're really looking forward to teaching together. Hope you can make it! :) 

Leigh Simms
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Hi guys,

Last week I filmed a number of my foundational static and isolated drills for Tekki Shodan/Naihanchi which cover the sideways turn in the kata, the change from facing left to right in the kata, the "hiki-te" (pulling hand), striking targets & weapons and trapping techniques. 

These drills will be the foundation for what I will be teaching during my teaching slot on kata bunkai.

Drill 1 - Haishu Uke and Empi Uchi


Drill 2 - Dealing with the enemy blocking the Empi Uchi


Drill 3- Dealing with the enemy blocking the Haishu Uke


Tickets can be purchased via https://johntitchen.yapsody.com/event/index/49617/john-titchen-leigh-simms-kata-bunkai- or if you wish, you can contact me directly on 07581443637 or leigh@leighsimms.com.

Leigh Simms
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Just a quick update - There are only 2 places left

If you are planning on attending, but haven't confirmed, please let me or John know ASAP to avoid being turned away on the day as space is limited.

Many thanks