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John Titchen & Leigh Simms 17 September 2017

Karate Instructors and best selling authors John Titchen and Leigh Simms are teeming up to offer a fantastic four hour seminar.   

Open to all grades and all styles!  

17 September 2017  

1200 - 1600 Joseph chamberlain college, 1 Belgrave road, Birmingham B12 9FF  

Session 1  1 hour. A break-down and analysis of the techniques found within Tekki Shodan/Naihanchi Kata and how the same can be applied in the chaos of physical self-protection.   

Session 2 1 hour. An introduction to Heian Sandan oyo dealing with grabs, pushes, haymakers, tackles and headlocks and using strikes, arm and shoulder controls, knees, throws and kicks - all while looking at underpinning principles of good karate and good kata application.  

Session 3 1 hour. A 45 minute Presentation explaining your legal right to defend yourself under the Self-Defence Law of England & Wales. Followed by Q&A.  

Session 4 1 hour. Looking at the flow in the Pinan Flow System. Moving from static drills into fluid dynamic and alive training by taking the Session 2 drills (and maybe more) to the next level in order to test the ability to apply under greater pressure and to train greater adaptability.  

Cost £35.  

Tickets: https://johntitchen.yapsody.com/event/index/49617/john-titchen-leigh-sim...  

Hope to meet some of you there! 

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