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K1 anyone?

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone watches the K1 fighting and what their thoughts are on the standard of fighter / fight? It seems that the rules are quite simple this is probably to allow the different stand up martial arts diciplines to adapt to the fight quite easily and to promote a ' knock out ' within the 3 rounds. It reminds me of the early MMA ultimate fighting as the diciplines ( and weight of fighter ) can often look very mis - matched, which always makes for a more interesting fight.


Gavin Mulholland
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I quite like the K1.

They use it quite a lot at the Cage events where they will put in one or two K1 rules fights as they are better able to judge the time the fights will take.

Toban Taplin
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I like watching K1 - although I am not a fan of the rule changes of recent years, that seem to have been implemented solely to reduce the effectiveness of muay thai guys like buakaw. But then again maybe thats just becuase I am a big fan of the clinch