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Iain Abernethy
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Karate gets a bad rap!

… a very bad rap :-) “Thanks” to Karen Gadd & Zach Whiltshire for sharing this with me.

This time yesterday I had never seen this video; it was a simpler, happier and more innocent time. You’ve been warned!

Mr P
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i think you have found the new music to your bunkai jutsu dvd menu's!!smiley

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I hate you laugh That's going to be buzing round my head all day.

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That is bad.  Not just 'ordinary' bad, but monumentally, unbelieveably, 'I had no ideas such abominations existed' -type bad.

Iain, we appreciate you.  We really do, your work is ground-breaking.  BUT, please, PLEASE, if you find anything like this again, I IMPLORE you to NOT share.  Our lives will be much happier with the absence of that whatever-it-was.

Black Tiger
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I'm trying to work out what kata the guys in the Red & Flowery Gi's are doing? It doesn't look like Kushanku!!!
Mr P
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I think the kata is called Rappa Dai. their next video features Rappa sho!smiley

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Dear Iain, as I wrote you on fb, it`s so sad, that those kind of videos are broadcasted. Most people do not have any idea about martial arts and its benefit for life, the image of Karate (Kung Fu, TKD and even Aikido (Seagel (sic!)) is created by those "stuff". And it is hard to change a manifasted image, and I everytime ask myself, "should I do something about it?" which means a discussion about the benefits not seen in such films or " Let them go, They don`t know , what they are talking about and never will find the DO!"". Sometimes I really don`t know, what to say.

Best wishes, you all have my respect



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Sounds like a Martial Arts version of YMCA, train your body, Lol. Just can not take this serious and I don't think Martial Arts Practitioners will. It is one of those things that one should just brush off with a laugh, alhough it really is stupid.