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Karate Unity Live Stream ft. Andy Allen Sensei

Hello everyone, hope this message finds you and your family well:)

I am excited to share a great conversation on Youtube with Andy Allen Sensei from Applied Shotokan!


►SUMMARY: Finally , Andy Allen from Applied Shotokan, and myself, got together to discuss our mutual passion, Karate. Here we discuss cross training, application development, and uniting together as martial artists.



0:00 Livestream Commercial

0:58 Karate Unity Intro

5:15 Rapid Fire Fun Interview (ice-breaker)

8:16 Why Karate?

9:34 Most Influential Teacher

17:39 Cross Training

25:12 Combat Sports

39:33 How do you develop applications?

53:07 How has being a teacher influence your martial arts?

1:03:33 How can we break down barriers and unite in the martial arts

1:09:46 The End, Outro

I hope you enjoyed the chat, please let me know what you thought about it?

Have a productive day!


Iain Abernethy
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Awesome! I look forward to watching it!

All the best,