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Kata Application Study Group 8th June Leeds


On Saturday 8th June there will be a Koryu Uchinadi Study Group in Leeds between 12 and 4pm. The day will look at the following drill:

which combines the six core blocking postures (age, gedan, soto, uchi, kakei and shuto) into a continuous exercise; we will also be covering the entries and exits to/from the drill which link into various kata (gekisai, bassai, seipai, kanku, sochin, seiunchin to name but a few).

We will also look at the kata Hakutsuru (white crane form) or sanchin - we will decide on the day.

It is held at Kaizen Martial Arts Academy, 2nd Foor Swinnow Grange Mill, Stanningley Road, Leeds, LS13 4EP. The event costs £15 (group discount available).

More details at www.irkrs-uk.com or https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/177782859051200/ for facebookers


Ben Ryder
Koryu Uchinadi Shidoin
Leeds, UK