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Kata methods used in a Wing chun VS. Boxing demo

 Hey guys,

I saw another video from a wing chun school in london. They seem to be a practical school.

Anyway, here is a clip of them using there methods, which I think look very close to the methods of kata. Especially Naihanchi Shodan. ( I'm a Naihanchi kind of guy, so I tend to see it everywhere! ; )  )

Here it is!

P.S.- Look closely to the point about 8 Min. into it. He does a combo at about 9:30 -9: 50 that looks like the opening part of Naihanchi.

Take care guys and let me know what you think!

Dave Moore
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I'm not surprised you see it, after starting the 116 wooden dummy forms about a year ago there are a lot of similarities with moves in kata. They also go off at 45% to the dummy body from form 1 and work with 'husband and wife' hands when strking, the open hand techniques for the throat area are similar to shuto.

Black Tiger
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Not suprised to Naihanchi in this style as Naihanchi is an Okinawan form that originated from China so Quan Fa will be in the Kata, it is the Japanese that created the Extensive Kime in the kata, this Kata can be done "softly enough too to make it more like a Quan Fa or Tai Chi Quan form