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Dave Moore
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kata as a way of keeping training while injured
I have found that practicing my katas without any focus at home is the only way I can train at the moment. Sensei Jason Murray suggested this as I have been suffering from a injury that i need to rest from my usual exertions but also need to keep it moving. Has anyone got any other training suggestions i can do at home that won't aggravate my back/ hamstring problems.
michael rosenbaum
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I've injured my back a few times over the years and some of the things I've done are:

*Setting in a chair and practicing block/punch combos

*Taping a tennis ball to a piece of string then hanging it from the ceiling or lamp and striking at it while sitting in the chair

*Practicing kata (like you're doing) real slow and with no power;sort of Tai Chi-Karate if you will

*Using this time to focus on other things such as meditation and streching

* Practicing kata without the kicks

Hope this helps.


Mike R

Iain Abernethy
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Dave Moore wrote:
Has anyone got any other training suggestions i can do at home that won't aggravate my back/ hamstring problems.

Visualization training is a great way to keep on top of all the things you can’t physically practise at the moment. This podcast has more on how to go about that:


Seeing as you are restricted, restricted punching would also seem ideal. Do rounds on the bag while sitting cross-legged on the floor, while in seiza, etc. This will improve your ability to hit from awkward positions and, when the leg is better, you’ll find you’ll be hitting harder too. Because the training takes away the hips and the legs (which you should be resting any way) you have to get a lot more out of what is left to use. It’s a method much used by Geoff Thompson and Al Peasland, and I have to say I’ve found it very useful too.

Selected upper body weight training exercises would also seem to a way you can continue to develop while simultaneously giving the legs time to heal.

I hope that helps.

All the best,


Dave Moore
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Thanks for the suggestions. I think I made the mistake a few months back of going back at it full pelt when my injuries hadn't just healed properly and I am now paying for that mistake. So this time going to let it heal properly and then build it up gradually, thanks again.