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I like to close doors by slow kicking (correct form of course), then there is always the good old brush your teach in Kibadachi! 

All the best!


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I'm surprised I've missed this thread.

We have an unusual house (log cabin, adaptable for my wife's health) with an open plan kitchen and lounge. There isn't enough room for spinning kicks or complete kata but there is room for careful shadow sparring. The angles of the kitchen / worktop force me to use turning and lateral footwork that I've been guilty of neglecting in the past.

I've also had funny looks for forgetting to take my apron off before kata practice in the garden! I can see the funny side.

I also study Eskrima now, so yes, kitchen knives get used for practice too. A pizza wheel is a great substitute for a kerambit

I think you're all missing an obvious opportunity for practice, to be honest. I practice Tekki Shodan whilst sitting in the "smallest room." Only on one side, because the sink is in the way on the other side.

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In my old 12 squaremeter flat I used to practice Naihanshin Shodan between the kitchen and sleeping area/lounge while I was making food, stopping and checking the meat or stir the pasta water whenever I passed the kitchen area :)

Other katas were hard to practice as I had to assume mini stances in every kata to be able to do anything! So it was more to remember sequences than anything else.

And yes, I do hop around and do techniques now and then just cos I have nothing else to do when walking to and from different rooms or areas in my flat :P Also when making dinner I use some mawate to turn and get the spices from a cabinet etc!

Doing some hip rotations while stiring is also awesome to keep your hips loosened :)

Damaged for life! lol