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Knee Strikes (video)

Knees are found in the Pinan / Heian series, Naihanchi / Tekki, Gankaku / Chinto and many other kata. Sadly the methods recorded in the kata are often not extracted from the kata to be drilled effectively. Kata practise alone is not enough; we need to take the information recorded in kata and make practical use of it in training. To fulfil the purpose of kata, we need to take those knees and drill them with impact equipment and utilise them in sparring. In this short clip I share some thoughts on kneeing generally and the practise of knees on impact equipment.

Knees to the body can be effective, but we do have the problems of muscle or fat protecting the recipient, the potential for the recipient’s arms getting in the way, and the chance of the leg being seized. Knees to the groin can also be effective, but there is the fact the groin is an area that most men will instinctively protect. Knees are close range weapons so they are typically used when grappling has commenced. Therefore there is also the risk of being taken over due to the greatly reduced stability that ensues from a leg to knee. It is for these reasons that I prefer to deliver my knees to the inside and outside’s of the enemy’s thighs. Kneeing to the groin or body is fine, can be effective and should be part of training, but tactically I maintain that knees to the thighs are generally the safer option.

Thank you for watching these quick clips from my classes and seminars. I hope they prove useful!

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Knee Strikes