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Knife fight footage from my city


Interesting things to note.

Both people are really keen to avoid being stabbed, this is very different body movement from the assaults on the unarmed that I've seen.

No feinting or complex actions

The bystanders don't give a crap.

Simple kitchen knife, no fancy brand name-anything.  It'll still ruin your day.

Reverse grip is pretty popular (in my city anyway, this seems to be a very cultural and regional thing)

The verbal stage seems pretty long.  Both guys might have been able to avoid the fight had they wanted to

The schoolboy was bady, badly injured, but you don't really see any "dramatic" hits

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Thank you for posting, It is not often you watch a genuine civilian life and death struggle... I found that quite disturbing.

Black Tiger
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Interesting I've seen some nasty things on YouTube including an actual beheading (islamic extremists).

Not too sure about the legalities here but I'm sure Iain would have checked it first, especially as it could be the filming of manslaughter etc.

Regards to the context of the "fight" the larger guy seemed "more" experienced in knife figting whereas the smaller guy had no format, I think the smaller guy received a strike to his right chest area possibly injury to his right lung - I'm also not too sure if when the smaller guy "limped off behind the Minibus the Larger guy didn't follow him for a lethal blow just before the end of the video.

I don't wish to glorify this "type" of conflict but it is an eye opener to reality

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The schoolboy is in hospital, as far as I've been able to find out there was nothing after this footage ends.

Zach Zinn
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Fascinating and depressing....

ON a martial arts level, it's interesting because the reverse grip downward hack gets maligned as "unrealistic" in some cricles, yet as far as I know it's both common, and effective. I've heard it's not uncommon in knife assaults also. Also interesting, the forward moving "x block" motion found in Jujutsu, karate, various European dagger arts, escrima, and whatever else.. seemed like it actually would have bought him some time here. Of course I have no way of saying this for sure, I only know in playing againsts this kind of attack that is one way to respond that I have found at the very least will sometimes buy you time, and give an opportunity to get out of the "danger zone" somewhat with a downward hack. I don't consdier it optimum neccesarily, but it was the first thing that sprang to mind as the smaller one was backing up.

On a personal level, what are these kids thinking?