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Koshi Guruma from Heian Sandan
https://youtu.be/jV4N2D4kBfQ In the middle of Heian/Pinan Sandan there is a movement where you stand tall with your fists on your hips. This movement of the kata closely fits the mechanics of a throw called Koshi Guruma. Iain Abernethy teaches this app and often refers to it as a "cross buttocks throw". As a side note, a former judoka on a FG group suggested that the step after this "stand tall" position could be a different throw if the koshi failed. You keep the same grip but step across the uke's far leg. Happy training, Andy
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The fight that starts at 15:21:


Is that the alternative?

The arm bar throw is countered and the inside thigh is used to scoop and finish the throw.

Or a hip throw, saw both being used in the same manner and it seams to me the kata favors this over the arm bar. But both are aesthetically very similar.

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This is the alternative... https://youtu.be/F-4fyNwx52w
Heath White
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A note from my high school wrestling days:  versions of these throws will work just fine if all you have is the head and no arm, that is, if you are doing it with just a headlock.  In fact the opponent will probably put up less resistance because his head is being cranked harder.  However it is not safe to train this way because it puts so much strain on the neck vertebrae--all his bodyweight is tugging on them.  For this reason, in the ruleset I competed under, it was illegal to throw anyone using just their head as leverage, you had to include an arm in the grip.  However for self-defense purposes the arm is kind of optional.

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Good point, Heath. We all want to train another day.