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Kururunfa Flow Drill (video)

This video shows a flow drill for the first half of Kururunfa kata. It was filmed during a class at a four day residential course in February 2015. This part of the kata primarily concentrates on controlling the enemy’s limbs in order to limit their striking options whist creating openings for your own strikes.

As is shown in the clip, it is possible to put all the methods shown in the first half of the kata end to end in order to drill them as a single entity. Such drills are useful when learning the bunkai of a kata (such that the solo-template and two person drill closely match), but they are only one part of the wider methodology needed to make kata work. The methods also need to be drilled in isolation, in various combative contexts, and in unscripted and live drills. There is a brief discussion on the beginnings of this process towards the end on the clip.

This video shows snippets of what was practised and can obviously not record in full the wider methodology of which this drill was part. I nevertheless hope that the clip is useful.

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PS You can find the YouTube link HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Kururunfa Flow Drill