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Kusanku Opening Flinch and Limb Control

Hello, everyone,

This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at the opening movements of Kusanku, employed as a weaponized flinch response, and following with limb control

Leigh Simms
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Nice stuff Noah.

I have a very similar application to the “moving to the outside” version you do near the end of your video, as it also Works well with the opening of Kanku Sho/Kusanku Sho too. I’ll put a video of that up soon! 

Iain Abernethy
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The wedge is also found in the Bubishi as “Two Dragons Playing in The Water” and if you headbutt the enemy with the arms tied up you have “Praying to Budda”. On that one, the losing technique being labelled as, “Like a child showing their hands to their parent” -  which I always felt was pretty cute! Its accurately describes the arm position of the person getting headbutted too (as you can see from Noah's uke in the title graphic).

Child: “No mum, I’ve been nowhere near the paints. I don’t know who could have smeared them all over the walls”.

Parent: “Show me your hands” :-)

All the best,


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 It almost reminds me of Tensho kata (Mid kata sequence) with a bit of Saifa. Excellent video Noah.

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Very good, thank you for sharing that.