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Kushanku / Kanku-Dai Bunkai: End Throw (video)

This short video shows bunkai for the end movement of Kushanku (Kanku-Dai). This variation applies to the “both arms up” version. The “one arm up” version can be applied in the same way, but the enemy would be thrown to the side in the direction of the hiki-te (hand that is down).

The throw is an advanced one (for application in self-protection) which is why, I would suggest, it is the final movement of the kata.

This clip was filmed during the Q&A section at the end of a three day event in Clarksville, Tennesse, USA. I’ve also got some more footage from this event which I will share in due course.

I hope you enjoy this clip. If you intend to practise this throw, then you must do so under the supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced instructor, with suitable mats, and with an uke (recipient) who is skilled at break falling.

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Practical Kata Bunkai: Kushanku / Kanku-Dai End Throw