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Michael Hough
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Kushanku in the UFC

Ok, I just have to brag a bit.

My brother is a local-level professional kickboxer and MMA'er. He's also been kind enough to help me pressure-test my application drills. I figure, if I can get stuff to work on a 240 lb pro fighter, it works.

One of the things we've worked on is a riff on the drill opening sequence of Kushanku, as shown in this video:


I tweaked some things to suit my sensibilities, and started entering with a shuto-uke application when possible. My brother liked what we were doing, and "sportified" it a bit to account for gloves, rules, etc. but it's recognizably the same drill. He's worked on this approach to clinching for a couple of months, now.

Today he called me to let me know that he just sparred 10 5 minute rounds with a UFC veteran and kept him flustered the whole time with this entry to the clinch.

"Really added something to my game," he said. So, thanks, Iain!

Iain Abernethy
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Michael Hough wrote:
"Really added something to my game," he said. So, thanks, Iain!

I'm pleased he found it of some use. That great.