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Iain Abernethy
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Lee Taylor's new book on Ananko bunkai!

“Lee understands the way kata works and in this book he reveals how Ananko contains knowledge of great value to the modern day martial artist. Personally, I don’t think it matters if one practises the kata or not in order to benefit from reading this book. Those who practise the kata will be inspired and delighted at the information it contains. Those that don’t practise Ananko will find seeing Lee’s approach in action an inspiration that is sure to help them explore their own kata.” - Iain Abernethy

“This book isn’t about the Ananko Kata. It isn’t even about the Bunkai of the Ananko Kata. It is more about a Martial Arts Instructor on his own personal journey. A journey that has required him to remove the blinkers of a single style and approach his art and training laterally, which is, I am certain, how our founding fathers of this beautiful world of Martial Arts intended us all to study and grow.” - Al Peasland

With over 300 detailed pictures Ananko Kata Form & Function shows how a kata can be deciphered, analysed, practised allowing it to become an effective tool for a physical confrontation.

This book not only crosses the boundaries of karate styles but also any martial art, allowing the practitioner with varying levels of ability to take what they need from it, use it for their own study, thus building a solid foundation from which to grow.

BUY HERE: http://www.lulu.com/shop/lee-taylor/ananko-kata-form-function/paperback/product-21882184.html

Mark Powell
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My copy has just arrived. I'm quite excited as I have just spent the last four months teaching ananko to my 8 to 14 year old class. It looks great and I'll write a reveiw once I've read it.