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A look at rotational arm locks

Last night I spent the class looking at rotational arm locks. Knowing that I'd be lapsing into areas outside of Jujitsu I had the class filmed and this video is the result. Please note that this was an adult class and for the latter part, although outside, there were no members of the public around. Although I defend the teaching of what I've taught I appreciate that some of my techniques wouldn't go down well in some quarters. I don't want my junior students seeing some of this material.

Of course, there are various aspects of Bunkai in here. I'm particularly proud of using "shuto" to augment "gedan barai." And yes, those inverted commas are deliberate.

What it is is a look at one type of arm lock and different ways to apply it. In doing so we consider application outside of modern self protection. Nothing wrong with "fun" technique of course, as long as we're honest about it. This looks at pragmatism but strays from it in the pursuit of interest into the technique and the broader context of Martial Arts. My concern (in terms of viewing of this video) is that we end up using weapons to augment the techniques.

I realise that aspects of the video could lead to deeper discussion, for example into cultural basis of Martial Arts, history, law and ethics. I'm all for it! Please understand that this was a normal class and so lengthy discussions on these aspects fell outside the remit of that specific class. I've largely sumarised these issues or presented one perspective.

So, here it is:

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Hi Peter

just a quick comment...

At 03:35 in, your interpretation of that gedan Barai - shuto combo, I hadn't considered that as an interpration of the scoping motion in Bassai, rather preffering the last few movements at the end of the kata- a nasty defence against a strangle. 

I agree that it is extremely painful, but can be tricky to get right, often people's arms don't go that way and I don't want to break too many training partners!

Thanks for sharing



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Excellent, thanks for sharing.

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Enjoyed your video and the way you show the similarites of the techniques across styles.