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Mark Cook
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Looking at Pinan Godan / Pyung Ahn Odan

Hello Bunkai Brethren,

My son was kind enough to stay after tonight and record some notes on the things we covered in class. This is a compliant, non resistant exploration of posture and movement. It's just a record of taking time to explore a chunk of kata. Just think, this is one movement of one kata. I really still marvel at the depth and possibility in kata. 


Mark B
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Nice examples Mark. I take the same posture when followed by Morote Uke in attention stance with my Jion, using the crossed arm "prep." to cover inside the effective range of a hook or straight punch. The Gedan Barai becomes a "slashing" hammer fist while your high hand controls the opponents punching hand. From there the high hand wraps up the opponents punching hand , and using the same footwork as demonstrated in Jion you find your opponent is ideally placed to recieve an uppercut punch. I hope that makes sense , I really should start recording stuff. :-) Regards Mark