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Looping flow drill for Heian/Pinan Sandan

This is a looping flow drill based on Heian Sandan. There is no designated tori or uke as drill allows for each partner to take turns indefinitely. Clinch, throat grab, wrist control, shoulder lock and escape.

Iain Abernethy
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Nice drill that has a lot going on within it! Thanks for sharing!

All the best,


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Kosa Uke (Uchi uke-Gedan barai) follow up with morote uchi uke variations. I love it. Thanks for sharing sir....Regards..Gerald!!

Les Bubka
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Really nice, thanks for sharing 

Kind regards 


Mark Powell
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I like it a lot and will be borrowing it for my Friday class. Thanks!

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Wow, there's a lot of principles applied in this short drill. Also well presented with pointing out some important details. I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Take care,


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Thank you for the positive feedback, gentlemen!