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Martial arts in Cork, Ireland

Hello all! I currently live in Montreal, Canada and I was offered a job in Cork City, Ireland. If I get the job, I plan to continue my martial arts training in Ireland. I've trained in Kyokushin Karate for 8 years and have been training in a hybrid of Kyokushin and Japanese Jujutsu with some Aikido influence for 7 years. Although I'm mainly looking for a karate school where I can learn concepts similar to those promoted by Iain Abernethy and like-minded instructors and hybrids of Karate and Japanese Jujutsu, I am open to other styles. Can any of you recommend a school in the Cork area?   

Black Tiger
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Hi Krammy, there is plenty of Kyokushin Dojos in Ireland. IM your email and I will pass it on to the guys i met at the Scottish open earlier this month.