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Martial arts illustrated/combat magazine hall of fame


does anyone have any information on these "hall of fame" awards?

im pretty sure some of you have recieved these accolades and I wanted to know what the deal is?

i have seen some (not from the ones listed in the title specifically) where it seems you pay and you join so it is therefore a marketing excercise or a way to pat yourself on the back! 

are any of them "legitimately" awarded by a panel or vote etc (like an oscar or bafta if you like)

I seem to be seeing a growing number of these award type things and they don't seem to be awarded with any real structure (for instance a 2nd generation, 4th dan student recieving the award before his 7th dan instructor does?)

Apologies to anyone that may hold any of these genuine awards but please educate me as to the process.....

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A friend of mine won an MAI award last year. He was nominated by the head of the style as they'd taught worldwide together. I was invited to attend but was in seminar (with Iain and Kris!)

I've never been to one of these awards. I thought it was quite a big deal. I know several people that were in attendance either as guests accompanying my aforementioned friend or as recipients. They've all said the same thing: it was a joke.

As far as I'm aware, all attendees paid the same for the event which included a meal and some entertainment. No-one bought their award. There was no panel behind it. If someone (one person) nominanted you for an award then you got it.

No-one doubts that some/most/many of the recipients were deserved winners. However there was an incredible number of winners. Surely there can only be one "fighter of the year." OK, maybe one in each weight category. One each contact level (full- semi- etc.) One per discipline (Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo.) That's still not many. They were being called up five at a time in rapid succession. And that's just fighter of the year. My friend got the "True Grit" award of which, again, there were MANY recipients.

I suspect it's one of those things where if you don't have one then they have value. My friend saw it as a night out with friends and a bad comedian. Nothing more.

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That pretty much confirms what I thought although I have seen a form for one of them that says guests £95 recipients £150. 

So basically the recipients are paying an extra £60 to subsidise their award!!!!!

again, I don't wish to cause offence to anyone that has one of these awards and I'm sure some have been awarded to very accomplished martial artists it's just that I wanted to ask as I have seen 3 or 4 guys local to me running their own style schools that I would consider a McDojo that have them. 

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Never a true word said in jest?

...about 04:30 in...