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The Martial Map (10-year anniversary YouTube version)

Welcome to the YouTube version of The Martial Map! Originally, this was an audiobook / podcast that I shared in January 2011. I believe it to be one of the most important things I’ve produced, and it’s certainly been one of the most popular. Now that we are at its ten-year anniversary, I thought it would be a good time to share it here too. I also see a growing number of people referencing it so a YouTube version will no doubt help with its accessibility.

The Martial Map discusses martial arts, fighting, self-protection and their relationship to one another. Many martial arts instructors see martial arts, fighting and self-protection as being one and the same with all distinctions between them being completely lost. I find this lack of clarity to be highly problematic and it is arguably the biggest problem in modern training and teaching.

We train most effectively when we clearly define the objective of that training. However, it is my view that most practitioners and instructors are unclear what they are training for. That uncertainty leads to ineffective and unfocused training.

In the Martial Map, I put forward a simple model to help people refocus on the distinctions and similarities between various areas of study. Focussed thinking will lead to more efficient training.

The Martial Map is not the definitive solution to the problem of unfocused training, but I think The Martial Map is a very useful way of framing the question. I firmly believe that those who apply this way of thinking to their training will become better fighters, better martial artists and better able to protect themselves from society’s violent minority.

The Martial Map will also be useful for instructors by helping to ensure their teaching is objective driven, their students remain clear on the purpose of all forms of training, and there is no confusion on when any given method is applicable and when it is not.

I hope you find it a thought provoking and enjoyable listen.

All the best,


PS You can find the YouTube link HERE

The Martial Map (10-year anniversary YouTube version)