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Mind Set

"I wasn't going down without a fight"


I came to karate because I was interested in helping my daughters develop self defense skills so that I could feel more comfortable about letting them out in the world. I wasn't so naive to think that it would innure them to all danger, but I felt it would be step in the direction of the kind of resilience needed. So much has changed about how I view karate from those early days, but the one thing that has always been with me and has only been strengthened and confirmed by the years I spent studying martial arts is the paramount importance of mind set.

Just that little bit of belief that you are not helpless can cascade into life-changing resolve. 

I collect these stories - this is a ripper.

Iain Abernethy
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Great link and a great post! Well done Taela & the passer-by who lent a hand!

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PS I'll share that via facebook and twitter later today.