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Mirror Drill

I did this with a bunch of guys last week and I thought I would share.

the drill is designed to help people move in relation to an opponent, while keeping distancing, balance and stance.

stage 1

The 2 students stand in front of each and choose who is the mirror. the mirror's job is to follow the opponent (not copy his every move) movements should be short and explosive, paying attention to stance and distancing

stage 2

a little more hands on, the students start in a clinch, we used back of the neck and tricep alla guarding block. This time the mirror is going to be pushed, pulled and generally dragged around. his job is to follow in a 'strong' way. Not resisiting and making it a test of strength, or being too compliant and turing the drill into a waltz. Rather when they feel enough force move with it in a short movement and keep stance and balance.

stage 3

again from the clinch, one of the partners tucks an object in to the back of his belt/training pants. we used rubber training knives but anything of a similar size will do. the goal is for the other person to grab the object by pulling, pushing and moving around their opponent. Person with the object should keep their stance and balance and body movment to prevent the object being taken. i do allow a little tangling of arms as long as the body movment is there

I hope it is clear, writing down training methods can be a little tough sometimes but this drill is fairly simple. i will try to get a video of this drill if people are interested.

if anyone has any comments on the drill, ways to make it better, or if you do something similar would be great to hear from you.