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MMA Commentator Discusses Saifa Bunkai


Jack Slack is arguably the most respected striking analyst in the MMA world, and he also happens to have a karate background. Over the years, he has quietly slipped comments about practical karate into his articles. Recently, he's been more open about it and, now, he has started a series that focuses entirely on the applications of a traditional kata--Saifa. I don't practice Saifa, but I am most definitely familiar with Taira Sensei's material, which he references frequently in this article. It's awesome to see practical karate getting publicity, and I can't wait for Part 2!

Iain Abernethy
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Good article! I like it lots. Thanks for sharing that. I’ll also share it via the various lists.

All the best,


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Brilliant article! Sensei Taira's karate is excellent.

I started learning Goju this year, thoroughly enjoying it.

Dale Parker
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Jack Slack?  Who?  Is that a real name?