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More Bassai Dai Application

Hey all.

Here is another bunkai clip for a sequence out of Bassai Dai. It isn't very elegant and I'm not a big fan of overly complex applications as the effectiveness can be hindered in a live scenario. At any rate I hope you find this one interesting. The head crank was inspired by some of the work I've seen and done with Iain at his seminars . I believe there are  a lot commonalities among kata given that humans only have two arms, two legs and a head and there's only so many ways to crank a neck. 


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Hi Sal,

I really love this one. Thanks for sharing.

Regards Holger

Iain Abernethy
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ky0han wrote:
I really love this one. Thanks for sharing.

Me too! Thanks for sharing these Sal!

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yes I like it...

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Thanks everyone!