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More Ji hands

Hi all. This template describes a defence against an attempted headbutt, applying the conceptual principles of a selection of the six Ji Hands of the Bubishi. This clip works on the assumption that as both hands are committed to defending the face if delivering a percussive option is momentarily unavailable, hence the decision to seize at an anatomically vulnerable target. The clip teaches many fundamental elements which I practice & teach for these type of stimuli, using some proper resistance on occasions. The group also learned how to apply vibrating energy through a particular vulnerable target - on this occasion the triceps tendon at TB10. You can also hear the genuine pain of my uke when seized with single blade of grass hand - particularly on the second example when the defensive application is applied with more vigour to demonstrate more effectively the predicted response of the withdrawal from pain. During the seminar I also applied the vibrating energy on a 16 stone ex Royal Marine (he asked me) - same result with associated cries of pain :-) I hope you enjoy the clip.