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More Kobudo: Sakugawa oyo

HI guys,
I've got another video to share. I appreciate your continued feedback and understanding that this is a little unorthodox from what is normally shared on this forum. This video is looking at the hikite that we see when chambering the bo and it's uses beyond just powering a strike.



Iain Abernethy
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I know next to nothing about Kobudo, but I do like the idea of re-examining Kobudo kata in order to check for the kind of misunderstandings that were prevalent in karate kata. I therefore find these videos interesting and I look forward to seeing if and how Kobudo experiences its own bunkai renaissance. Thanks for sharing these!

All the best,


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Great stuff it is making me rethink my Jo Katas.

Les Bubka
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I don't practice any weapons, but this videos make me feel like I should do some Bo. 

Well done Sal , looking forwar to more clips.

kind regards 


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Thanks everyone!

Jr cook
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As a practically thinking martial artist, and a practitioner of Okinawan Kobudo I would say that this series is among (if not) the best Kobujutsu applications shown on the web. I appreciate the efforts and the new perspectives.

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Thank you very much. I truly feel like practical application of kobudo weapons is uncharted territory. Modern kobudo has become just as watered down as the school-boy karate that we have worked so hard to move away from. Its a work in progress but I feel like it's heading in a good direction. Thank you for watching!