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My Top 10 Applications for Nami-Gaeshi

In one of the karate study groups I am a part of, we recently had a discussion about applications for the nami-gaeshi (returning wave) movement found in Naihanchi, as well as some versions of Passai, Kusanku, Seisan, and more. I decided to set up my camera and quickly run through the first 10 applications I could think of. There were more, but they were too subtle to show in such a short video.

1. Ko-Soto-Gari (Minor Outer Reap)

2. Ko-Uchi-Gari (Minor Inner Reap)

3. Step-Around Throw Entry

4. Kick/Sweep Avoidance

5. Hagi-Uke (Shin Block/Kick Check)

6. Fumikomi-Geri (Stomping Kick)

7. Kansetsu/Yoko-Geri (Joint/Side Kick)

8. Mae-Geri (Front Kick)

9. Suki-Geri (Shovel Kick)

10. Hiza-Geri (Knee Strike)

Iain Abernethy
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22 seconds of succinct bunkai goodness :-) Thanks for posting!

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Thanks, Iain! I appreciate the feedback, and sharing my video!