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Mark B
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Naihanchi application

Hi all

Here's an application for a grab to the jacket.

I hope you enjoy

All the best


Iain Abernethy
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I like that Mark! Nicely explained and a good entry to the kata. Thanks for sharing.

Mark B
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No problem, thanks Iain.

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Nice! I enjoyed that. My system has three Naihanchi kata, and you have given me some nice ideas for interpreting the opening motions of Naihanchi Sandan (Matsubayashi-ryu). Thanks!!



Mark B
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Thanks David. I'll be putting up another application for that sequence next week, it would have been this week but unfortunately the time passes so fast in the dojo. Glad you enjoyed it Mark

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Nice and clear, quick responsive and simple look forward to seeing more in April 

Mark B
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Thanks Mike. It will be good to catch up with you again