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Naihanchi Applications from Ti

Hello everyone,

Ulf Karlsson Sensei flew out to the US from Sweden last week to teach at our dojo (he will be teaching a 2 day open seminar this Friday and Saturday) and I've been talking and training with him since then. Up until now, we have just had many lengthy discussions on Facebook, and I've seen a bit of his material, but experiencing it has been a real eye opener! Here is a little video he did a while back showcasing some Naihanchi applications:

He trains in KishimotoDi, which is a Ti system taught at the Bugeikan in Okinawa by Higa Sensei, who is Ulf's teacher. This system was passed down from Tode Sakugawa to Bushi Tachimura (a contemporary of the more-famous Matsumura), who taught it to the Kishimoto family, who passed it on within their bloodline until it was finally taught to Higa Seitoku, and it contains only four kata; Naihanchi, Nidanbu, Passai, and Kusanku. Since Naihanchi is the foundation of the system, that's what he's starting me with, but everything in the system ties back together in application. I have been really impressed with the material I've learned so far, but it's going to take me a lot of work to keep up with it! I hope you all find it interesting, as well! We plan on recording a few short videos while he is at our dojo, as well, so I may have more to share soon.

Iain Abernethy
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There's some very cool stuff in that video! Thanks for sharing :-)