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Naihanchi Complete Practice

Here my student and I demonstrate the Naihanchi solo kata, application drills, pad work, sparring drills, and sparring. I hope that this video helps to show how the Naihanchi kata can be a complete system of combat in and of itself. Thanks!

Iain Abernethy
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Great video Daniel! It succinctly covers the wider training matrix and illustrates that kata is not a “thing”, but a process.

All the best,


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This is the good stuff. Great technique. Useful applications supported by strong partner drills. Thank you for sharing. Please share more. Having seen this I would be interested in seeing some other drills you use to sharpen your skills, even if they aren't kata related. The only thing I didn't like was hitting each other in the neck at 6:35. I'm not sure taking shots to the side of the neck is such a good idea. Tau is the resident expert  on subjects like this, mabey he can comment on it here. I could have been miss informed,  but I've been told it's not a good idea.