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Mark B
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Naihanchi conceptual pad exercise

This pad exercise teaches the close quarter power generation as demonstrated through the Naihanchi kata. I taught this particular exercise to support the 2 person practice which followed later in the seminar.

Iain Abernethy
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Another nice one and it’s great you mentioned the Motobu drills because we’ve been discussing that here today too:


All the best,


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Thanks for posting that, Mark.

Great demonstration of short range power generation, coming from the ground up through the hips into the arms.



Mark B
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Thanks Iain. My exercises are heavily influenced by the word of Motobu as found in his book "Watashi no Karate Jutsu".

Thanks Marc. Being able to deliver impact within the parameters & confines of the application practice is essential. On this demo I was fairly "casual", ie no real intent as it was a learning demo for people attending the seminar and I was conscious of the fact that in most cases they are not used to this type of exercise.


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Excellent pad work analysis Marc B. Regards...Gerald.

Mark B
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Thanks Gerald. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Regards