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Naihanchi Nidan Application (rolling elbow/shuto/punch)

In this week's Waza Wednesday, we demonstrate an application for the rolling elbow, shuto-uchi (sword hand strike), and mawashi-tsuki (turning punch) sequence in Naihanchi Nidan. We show it being used when someone grabs your wrists, as well as against a punch, but the attack is less important than your position in relation to the attacker, the points of contact made with the attacker, and the direction of movement of the attacker.

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Well done as always.  Thanks for sharing.

pacem ex virtute-

Erik P./Spaniard

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for posting these here Noah. They make a great contribution to the collective knowledge base.

All the best,


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My pleasure! We have a lot of fun doing these videos, and hopefully some people find them beneficial!