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Naihanchi Salutation and Opening Head Turns (video)

This video was filmed at a seminar I taught in Kansas, USA in September 2013. This particular section looks at the opening “salutation” and the following head turns that appear in some versions. The video also quickly discusses “salutations” generally.

The sound is not great on this clip, but I’m sure you’ll be able to follow it all OK. For professionally filmed, edited and produced footage of this sequence – and how that feeds into the entire kata – please see my “Beyond Bunkai” DVD.

This short clip is taken from a full weekend of training and viewers should be aware of that. The applications shown are part of a much larger methodology and the nature of this short clip obviously means the overall context cannot be communicated. Nevertheless, I hope you find this clip of some value.

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PS If you’d prefer to watch this video on YouTube – or if you can’t view “flash videos” on the device you are currently using – please click HERE

Practical Kata Bunkai: Naihanchi Salutation and Opening Head Turns