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Naihanchi Sandan Application

My sensei wants to start sharing more of the material we practice at our dojo, so we're starting a "Waza Wednesday" project, where we will share a video of some kind of karate or kobudo technique, drill, or exercise every Wednesday. This is the first one, which covers an application we use for one of the sequences in Naihanchi Sandan.

Mark Powell
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I like it!

Thanks for sharing; will give it a go at training tomorrow.

Iain Abernethy
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I like it! Thanks for sharing!

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Excellent vid =)

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I like that application. And excellent video presentation too

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We had never done a video in quite this format, before, so it was an experiment to see how well it worked out for people. Not all of our Waza Wednesday videos will be breakdowns like this one--some will just be quick examples, like we've done in the past. The more feedback we get on them, though, the more we can tailor them appropriately!