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Mark B
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Naihanchi seminar

I recently taught a seminar on Naihanchi / Tekki Shodan in Leeds. I shared 10 application templates with the group.

Each template is a scenario based drill which incorporates individual application techniques and principles,  whilst building a mindset of dealing with a continuation of a violent attack.

The session was great fun with great group of Karateka.

I decided to share the ten drills on this forum. Hopefully one or two will find them of interest. 




Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing Mark! Most kind.

All the best,


Mark B
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Thanks Iain,  you're welcome. 

Here are the next three, with three more to follow



Mark B
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Here are the final three templates for Naihanchi kata.

It is important to understand that whilst these templates are very useful as vigorous training drills the learning of the exercise is pointless unless the lessons can be combined,adapted and applied freely and with unconscious competence in response to random acts of physical violence and the countless continuations.