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Naihanchi seminar applications 13-16 (plus unscripted exercises )

Hi all

Here are the final four application templates from my recent seminar. 

Although each template is practiced as an individual exercise  those said exercises,  once understood from the point of view of receiving energy from the opponent can seamlessly combine and intermingle with any of the other exercises in the set. 

This serves to create a system that is not dependant on shape or form, rather the natural motions are formulated to create the shape which under analysis can be seen as the fundamental principles which culminate in the recognisable form, which is kata,  in this case , Naihanchi. 

To become proficient in my approach the first thing the student needs to grasp is the strategy and tactics that I embrace, hence the final two clips, where I introduced  HAOPV cards to create random & unscripted  scenarios see some responses which are not what was practiced, either strategically or tactically. This is to be expected, as in most cases the karateka who trained do not normally train with me.  Nevertheless,  there was fantastic energy for the last ten minutes of a 41/4 hours seminar,  and in most cases they "made it work" which was essential as I  wanted to avoid the stop - start nature we usually see with these types of exercise. 

Thanks to everyone who came to train